Shirazette Tinnin

I love my gift in music and am grateful for the air I breathe first and foremost. I have seen a lot and accomplished a few things. I have more in life to do and to bring to the table of NOURISHMENT. I am an unstoppable force who has undergone some pain just like every other human being. A master of music really will only take you so far. A degree is not the thing that will get you tho the stars…It is me that will have to apply my skill, goals, dreams, etc in to action. I am that thing that will do just that. I am a educated, motivated, sister of color with three brothers, a father, and a beautiful lover who challenges me daily. I am a Sister in Jazz Collegiate All-Star. I am a owner of my own buisness She Beats 2 productions. I am a professional percussionist with my emphasis on Drum Set. I am a future band-leader who will put out my first CD with 3 ILL (aka Project S.) I am someone who has highs and lows but I persevere on because I have GOD on my side as well as those who can see spiritually. I am a natural sister who loves her family. I am some who traveled over the seas representing my craft INTERNATIONALLY (Thanks Professor Carter and Willerm for believing in me) I am someone who can say… well… atleast I have my eyes, hands, and feet when I am penniless 🙂 I am someone who you can find on the internet with success in her craft. If you doubt just go to Google. I am known an entity that has been archived in the Kennedy Center for music along with those who have come before and after me. (May, 14th-17th 2008 @ Kennedy Center. I am someone who is humble in their work and wish a few other cats would go look up HUMILITY and what it truly means. I am someone who has been sent here on earth to do her thing.

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