The New Orleans Jazz Festival – Tel Aviv – May – June 2024

This is the 6th year of the New Orleans Jazz Festival in Tel Aviv.

This year, the festival hosts a huge variety of musicians who create and play in different styles – from Ragtime, through Blues, Dixie and more.

This year Dozens of international jazz artists will participate in the festival – amazing performers who play in jazz festivals all over the world and specialize in New Orleans music. Lots of local performers will join the party, as well. All in all, there will be dozens of players, artists, and singers from all over the world -New Orleans, New York, London, Paris, Amsterdam, Rome and Berlin!

The New Orleans Jazz Festival in Tel Aviv will take place on May 30th -31st – June 1st, in the Tel Aviv Museum of Art.

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Thursday, May 30th, 2024

17:00, Assia Hall

Louis Louis Louis

The European Swing Messengers

19:00, Recanati Hall

The New Orleans Mystics – The Best Hits

The New Orleans Mystics

21:00, Assia Hall

Louisiana Nights

Vanisha Gould Sextet

21:30, Recanati Hall

Rock Around the Clock

The European Swing Messengers

Friday, May 31st, 2024

11:00, Assia Hall

African Gospel

Chorale Vie Nouvelle Choir from Congo

12:00, Recanati Hall

From New Orleans to Paris

Nicolle Rochelle & The European Swing Messengers

14:30, Assia Hall

Soul, Funk & Gospel Celebration

Vanisha Gould & Jan Luley Sextet

15:00, Recanati Hall

The Swing Madness

Ray Gelato & The European Swing Messengers

17:30, Recanati Hall

The magic of the Creole Clarinet

Uli Wunner & The European Swing Messengers

18:00, Assia Hall

A tribute to Frank Sinatra & Louis Armstrong

Denny Ilett & Michael Varekamp & Avraham Felder Big Band

21:00, Recanati Hall

The New Orleans Mystics – The Best Hits

The New Orleans Mystics

21:30, Assia Hall

Tribute to the Great Swing Female Singers: Billie, Ella, Sarah

Nicolle Rochelle & Eli & the Chocolate Factory

Saturday, June 1st, 2024

11:00, Assia Hall

The Saxophones Summit

Ray Gelato & The European Jazz Messengers

11:30, Recanati Hall

Duo for the piano of New Orleans

Hila Kulik & Jan Luley

14:00, Recanati Hall

The Trumpet Summit in a Dixieland Style

Varekamp / Supnick / Preminger & The Chocolate Factory

16:30, Recanati Hall

The New Orleans Mystics – The Best Hits

The New Orleans Mystics

17:00, Assia Hall

The Swing Party in Harlem

Michael Supnick & Jan Luley Sextet

21:00, Recanati Hall

The Grand Finale Celebration of the Festival

The festival artists on one stage!

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