The Grand Finale: Tribute to Simon & Garfunkel – October 7th , 2023

All the guest musicians of the festival

Final Concert – Tribute to Simon & Garfunkel

The duo, whose songs have crossed the barrier of time and yet still manage to excite every time anew, symbolize more than anything the  era of 1960’s and 70s’, in which the definition of freedom and individualism was reshaped.  Simon & Garfunkel will receive the respect and thanks they deserve at the closing concert of the International Jaffa Jazz Festival, by musicians from the 9 countries participating in the festival, who will together perform the beautiful arrangements written by pianist and arranger Gil Zohar especially for the festival.

Alise Kante – Vocals

Gil Zohar – Vocals, Flute, Piano & MD

Daniela Schaechter – Piano & Vocals

Kristine Korb – Double Bass & Vocals

Madeleine Joel – Saxophone &Vocals

Jocelyn Gould – Guitar& Vocals

Phil Abraham – Trombone

Sorin Zlat – Piano

Tony Lakatos – Saxophone

Amir David – Drums

Gregory Rivkin – Trumpet

Amikam Kimelman – Saxophone

* Photos by : פטר ויט / יוסי צבקר / סרגיי נרינסקי / Sofie Amalie Barfoed / os L. Knaepen / Martins Plume / Jean Hangarter / Katherine Kwan/ Robinson Fotographie/ Antal Lakatos

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