Hot jazz Subscriptions 2016-17

ג'אז חם 2016-17

1. Swing Madness
The Swing Dance Orchestra photo by Uwe Hauth

With hits of Count Basie , Glenn Miller , Benny Goodman and more

The Swing Dance Orchestra

Bettina Labeau Vocals (Berlin)

& Andrej Hermlin Musical Director (Berlin)

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10/11/2016    Arts Beersheba   Thursday

12/11/2016    Ganei Tikva center stage    Saturday Night

14/11/2016    Jerusalem Theater   Monday

15/11/2016     Zappa Herzliya   Tuesday

16/11/2016     Einan Theater Modiin    Wednesday

17/11/2016     Tel Aviv Museum    Thursday

18/11/2016     Tel Aviv Museum   Friday

19/11/2016      Abba Hushi house Hifa Saturday Night

2. Jazz opera Porgy and Bess

Deborah J. Carter photo by Julio SanchezDeborah J. Carter Vocals (USA/Holland)

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12/12/2016      Jerusalem Theater   Monday

13/12/2016     Zappa Herzliya   Tuesday

14/12/2016      Einan Theater Modiin    Wednesday

15/12/2016      Tel Aviv Museum    Thursday

16/12/2016      Tel Aviv Museum   Friday

17/12/2016      Abba Hushi house Hifa Saturday Night

3. Gold saxophone

With the best of Cannonball Adderley hits

Antonio Hart

Antonio Hart Saxophone (USA)

Wayne Tucker Trumpet (USA)

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3/1/2017          Zappa Herzliya   Tuesday

4/1/2017          Einan Theater Modiin    Wednesday

5/1/2017          Tel Aviv Museum    Thursday

6/1/2017          Tel Aviv Museum   Friday

7/1/2017          Abba Hushi house Hifa Saturday Night

4. Swing with The duke

Dialogues of the trumpeter Fabrizio Bosso ( Italy ) with Duke Ellington

Fabrizio Bosso

Fabrizio Bosso Trumpet (Italy)

&Julian Oliver Mazzariello Piano (Italy)

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31/1/2017       Zappa Herzliya   Tuesday

1/2/2017         Einan Theater Modiin    Wednesday

2/2/2017          Tel Aviv Museum    Thursday

3/2/2017          Tel Aviv Museum   Friday

4/2/2017          Abba Hushi house Hifa Saturday Night

5. Jazz cabaret of Edith Piaf and Josephine Baker

Nicolle Rochelle & Julien BrunetaudNicolle Rochelle Vocals (France)

& Julien Brunetaud Piano & Vocals (France)

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23/2/2017        Arts Beersheba   Thursday

25/2/2017        Ganei Tikva center stage    Saturday Night

27/2/2017        Jerusalem Theater   Monday

28/2/2017       Zappa Herzliya   Tuesday

1/3/2017          Einan Theater Modiin    Wednesday

2/3/2017          Tel Aviv Museum    Thursday

3/3/2017          Tel Aviv Museum   Friday

4/3/2017         Abba Hushi house Hifa Saturday Night


6. Cyrus Plays Elvis Presley

Cyrus Chestnut

Cyrus Chestnut Piano (USA)

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27/3/2017       Jerusalem Theater   Monday

28/3/2017        Zappa Herzliya   Tuesday

29/3/2017        Einan Theater Modiin    Wednesday

30/3/2017        Tel Aviv Museum    Thursday

31/3/2017        Tel Aviv Museum   Friday

1/4/2017         Abba Hushi house Hifa Saturday Night

7. Tribute to Aretha Franklin

Shirma Rouse photo by Maurice Giltjes

Shirma Rouse Vocals (Amsterdam)

With The Orchestra of Eyal Vilner

More about Shirma Rouse Click here


4/5/2017       Arts Beersheba   Thursday

6/5/2017      Ganei Tikva center stage    Saturday Night

8/5/2017      Jerusalem Theater   Monday

9/5/2017      Zappa Herzliya   Tuesday

10/5/2017    Einan Theater Modiin    Wednesday

11/5/2017     Tel Aviv Museum    Thursday

12/5/2017    Tel Aviv Museum   Friday

13/5/2017    Abba Hushi house Hifa Saturday Night


8. Take 5

Darius Brubeck Quratet

Darius Brubeck Quratet 

Darius Brubeck piano (London)

Dave O’Higgins Saxophone (London)

Matt Ridley bass  (London)

Wesley Gibbens drums (London)

More about Darius Brubeck Quratet Click here


3/6/2017          Ganei Tikva center stage    Saturday Night

6/6/2017          Zappa Herzliya   Tuesday

7/6/2017          Einan Theater Modiin    Wednesday

8/6/2017          Tel Aviv Museum    Thursday

9/6/2017          Tel Aviv Museum   Friday

10/6/2017        Abba Hushi house Hifa Saturday Night


9. Carmen Samba 

Carmen Souza& Theo Pascal photo by Jazzpilon

Carmen Souza Vocal (Cape Verde)

& Theo Pascal Bass (Portugal)

More about Carmen Souza Click here

More about Theo Pascal Click here


3/7/2017          Jerusalem Theater   Monday

4/7/2017          Zappa Herzliya   Tuesday

5/7/2017          Einan Theater Modiin    Wednesday

6/7/2017         Tel Aviv Museum    Thursday

7/7/2017         Tel Aviv Museum   Friday

8/7/2017         Abba Hushi house Hifa Saturday Night

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