A letter we got from the amazing Kim Nalley:

Dear Ziv,

Thank you so much for an amazing tour. Your team is so good so professional it was a pleasure to work with everyone. But more than that your care and compassion is unparalleled. Thank you for taking such good care of Tammy and I when we were sick and when we were freaking out in Istanbul. I cannot name one club owner or tour organizer with a bigger heart. I especially appreciated your conversations about music; it is clear you think about the music on an artistic level and not just how many butts you can get in a seat. Give my love to everyone Hope to see and work with you again soon.

Toda raba!

Love, Kim

I would like to thank you for the wonderful way in which you took care of  us all on the trip to Orvieto. Everything was so well thought out and ran so smoothly as a result of all your efforts.

The choice of hotels, restaurants, tours and concerts – for which we thank Ziv – were all very good. But even more than that Harold and I really appreciated the way you and Hanita made sure that everyone in the group felt like one happy family. You gave us free time – but you included everyone in open invitations to meet up as a group if we wanted to. You truly took care of our every need all week. It was a pleasure to travel with you and to meet the other happy jazz lovers in our group.

We also thank Ziv for the talks he gave to to help us appreciate the jazz, both before the trip and on the last night. The trip far exceeded my expectations and was a lovely experience.

Sincere thanks


Hi Ziv,

Just a few words to say how much we enjoy the hot jazz series, we are now subscribing for the last three years and it seems that every year it gets better. Thanks
We like the pre-performance atmosphere, the young students put you in the mood, and last but not least the treats given out by your lovely staff are appreciated.
Keep up the good work

Dear Ziv,

This season of “Hot Jazz “has certainly started with a bang!

After the fabulous and unusual harp music in November, last week’s concert with Joel Frahm and the talented Israeli musicians was fabulous!

I don’t remember when I last enjoyed a jazz concert so much- virtuoso musicians playing classic modern jazz that was melodic, harmonic and just brilliant !

Thanks so much!

Happy Hanukah to you all!


Dear Ziv,

First of all THANKS VERY MUCH for a wonderful trip.
It was such a pleasure to work with the Vocal Octet. It was hard to tell
which was more impressive: their professionalism and artistic quality on the
one hand, and their heart-warming social ability on the other.
It all led to an immediate musical friendship which translated itself
in spectacular shows. The concert in Tel Aviv (where I was surprised by
the birthday cake) topped it all.
Compliments for your fine and solid organization, everything went smooth, also thanks
to Moshe with his dry humor . Etan also did a good job.
Please receive the greetings and thanks from Diana and
give Mor and Mica a big hug from us.
Bye, Jan