Sweet Dreams Tribute to Eurythmics – October 5th , 2023

Kristine Korb Sextet

Sweet Dreams – Tribute to Eurythmics

If you thought  that you’ve seen it all, wait for this show. Eurythmics and jazz? Is that imaginable? Well, yes it is! Everything is possible at the International Jaffa Jazz Festival! The amazing American/Danish Double bassist/singer Kristin Korb will lead a brilliant international ensemble and will take songs such as ‘There Must be an Angel’, or ‘Sweet Dreams’ into the realms of Swing, Latin and Be-Bop in the most natural and joyful way.

Kristine Korb – Bass, Vocals & MD

Phil Abraham – Trombone

Madeleine Joel – Saxophone &Vocals

Sorin Zlat – Piano

Roni Eytan – Harmonica

Roy Oliel – Drums

* Photos by : Sofie Amalie Barfoed / יוסי צבקר / ויקטור ליסט / Robinson Fotographie / Jos L. Knaepen

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