The Latino America Festival in Tel Aviv- March 7th- 8th- 9th, 2024

The second ever Latin American Music Festival in Israel featuring Many artists from Cuba, Brazil, Argentina, Italy and Israel with Performances of Latin music and South American music – including the best hits of all time!

Right now we must continue!

Right now we must be strong and continue with all our might.

Right now we must get out of our homes and vote with our feet for the good of the Israeli spirit, culture, artists and our music.

Right now no one will be able to move us from here.

And that’s what we are here for: the artists, singers, musicians, composers and also the producers.

We are here to keep our spirits up. Your spirit – our spirit – the spirit within all of us.

And we continue with a cultural gem that comes to us in the form of Latin and South American music.

It’s time for the second festival which doesn’t stop – “Latino-America Festival”.

A festival created for an audience that loves rhythm but also exciting melodies. Percussion instruments from the world of samba and rumba – alongside the tender instruments created by Bossa Nova artists. The rhythmic salsa singers – alongside the passion of the wonderful tango, and the songs that tug at the heart of the “Queen”, Cesária Évora.

International artists, all of them strong supporters of Israel (!!!), came together and have joined us from all over the world to play here for us: from Cuba, Argentina, Brazil, Italy, Germany, Cape Verde and more.

Many styles continue to create the Latin American music experience – and you are invited to visit, experience, listen and taste all this wonderful music.

We are sure that this festival, which is produced completely independently, will make you feel at home and hopefully it will give us all strength to continue onwards from here.

As always, waiting for you with great love and affection,

Ziv Ben, The Director of the Festival

Shamayim – Music , Management & Production

Fernando Knopf, Artistic consultant.

The Latin America Festival in Tel Aviv will take place on the 7th 8th , 9th of March at the Tel Aviv Museum of Art

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Thursday, March 7th, 2024

17:30, Assia Hall

The Bossa Nova of Cannonball Adderley

The Lenny Sendersky Quintet

19:00, Recanati Hall

The Golden Trumpet of the Buena Vista

Amik Guerra – Yanna Esperanza Mirabal & Latin Power Band

21:00, Assia Hall

A Tribute to Cesária Évora

Maria de Barros International Sextet

21:30, Recanati Hall

From Italian Cinema to Argentinian Tango

Mario Stefano Pietrodarchi & String Quintet & Dancers

Friday, March 8th, 2024

11:30, Recanati Hall

The 8 Seasons – Vivaldi VS Piazzolla

Mario Stefano Pietrodarchi & String Quintet

13:00, Assia Hall

Music from the Andes Mountains

The Ensemble Folklorico Latinoamericano

16:00, Recanati Hall

Tribute to The Buena Vista Social Club

The Latin Power Band

17:30, Assia Hall

Concerto for Brazil

The Chorolê Ensemble

20:30, Assia Hall

A Tribute to Cesária Évora

Maria de Barros International Sextet

21:00, Recanati Hall

The Golden Trumpet of the Buena Vista

Amik Guerra – Yanna Esperanza Mirabal & Latin Power Band

Saturday, March 9th, 2024

11:00, Recanati Hall

Misa Criolla – Navidad Nuestra

The Ensemble Folklorico Latinoamericano & The Tel Aviv Collegium Choir

12:30, Assia Hall

The Black Samba

Afro – Brazilian Carnival Orchestra

14:30, Recanati Hall


Mario Stefano Pietrodarchi & String Quintet & Dancers

16:00, Assia Hall

The Beautiful Folksongs of Cape Verde

Maria de Barros International Sextet

17:30, Recanati Hall

A Tribute to Astrud Gilberto

Ligia Oliveira & The Giba Perelman Quintet

19:00, Assia Hall

Brazil Primavera

Marcelo Nami & Joca Perpignan

21:00, Recanati Hall

The Grand Finale Celebration of the Latin Festival

The festival artists on one stage!

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