Radio Days of the 30th July 20th – 27th, 2024

Angela van Rijthoven & Galaad Moutoz & Eli & The Chocolate Factory (Amsterdam/ Paris/ Tel Aviv)

A thrilling leap to the 30’s, to the days when radio was the soundtrack of everyday life. Angela van Rijthoven (Amsterdam) together with the six members of Eli & The Chocolate Factory and the rising star in the Paris jazz sky, pianist Galaad Moutoz, perform the golden age of American radio – a celebration of romance and nostalgia, soothing and uplifting at the same time!

Glenn Miller played Moonlight Serenade, Louis Armstrong dazzled with hits like When You’re Smiling and Billie Holiday comforted broken hearts with Our Love is Here to Stay.

The golden age of American radio will be revived on stage by the six members of Eli & The Chocolate Factory, and singing with them, Angela van Rijthoven, one of Holland’s favorite jazz singers. With a lot of charisma and musical precision, she also presents the most familiar songs with joy and a unique rhythm. With her enthusiastic voice, she brings inspiration to the audience and to the musicians, who together will perform old and beloved swing songs. An adventurous singer who is not afraid to take risks on stage regarding melodies and improvisation. She never sang ‘standard’.

Most performances by Eli & The Chocolate Factory are based on the rhythms and polyphonic music of New Orleans: group improvisation and spontaneous occurrence. Old blues songs, spirituals, love songs from the twenties, and Charleston dances from Chicago meet in a diverse and rich show of charismatic and colorful music that will probably last forever: New Orleans jazz and the twenties.”


Angela van Rijthoven Vocals (Amsterdam)

Galaad Moutoz Piano (Paris)

Eli & The Chocolate Factory

Eli Preminger Trumpet

Jacques Sany Saxophone

Jess Koren Saxophone

Amnon Ben Artzi  Trombone

Ilan Smilan Banjo

Tal Kuan Contrabass

Rani Birenbaum Drums

Show Times:

  • Saturday, July 20th 2024, 21:15 Ganei Tikva, Cultural Hall
  • Sunday, July 22nd 2024, 21:30 Gray Club, Modiin
  • Tuesday, July 23rd 2024, 21:30 Gray Club, Tel Aviv
  • Wednesday, July 24th 2024, 20:30 Kfar Saba, Cultural Hall
  • Thursday, July 25th 2024, 20:00 Tel Aviv, Museum of Arts
  • Friday, July 26th 2024, 21:00 Tel Aviv, Museum of Arts
  • Saturday, July 27th 2024, 21:00 Haifa, Abba Hushi Center

Galaad Moutoz – Piano
Angela van Rijthoven – Vocals
Eli Preminger – Trumpet & MD
Amnon Ben Artzi – Trombone
Jacques Sany – Saxophone
Jess Koren – Saxophone
Rani Birenbaum – Drums
Tal Kuan – Bass
Ilan Smilan – Banjo

 Photos by: Mylene Morize / Chen Wagshall / Peter Vit/ Judicaël Olivier

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