Hot Jazz for Kids 2019-2020

Magical Jazz Shows for kids! A wonderful way to enjoy a lovely Saturday with the little ones – shows of great Jazz music with talented artists from all over the world.

The shows are produced specifically for children at the age of 4-10 – but we can tell you that adults are sure to enjoy them, as well. The show hosts are lovely and entertaining, and include stars such as Lavi Zytner, Roni Porat, Ido Museri, Tula Ben Ari, Ruta Kleiman and more.

All shows take place on Saturdays, in the Tel Aviv Museum of Art.

The West Side Story of Leonard

Nueva Manteca

Andrea and the Magic Spanish Trumpet

The Andrea Motis Quintet

Marina, the Cats and the Drums

Marina & the Katz

Ellington’s Tone

Moroni-Giuliani Duo

Dinah, the Queen of Hearts

Shenel Johns & The Eyal Vilner Big Band

Miles the King!

Dayna Stephens & Sean Jones

Gershwin – A Legend of Rhythm

Alemay Fernandez & Jason Palmer