Gershwin’s Fascinating Rhythm June 11th – 18th, 2022

Alemay Fernandez & Jérôme Etcheberry – Singapore / Paris

Between light & entertaining music to the symphonic depths by a singer with a deep alto voice, ranging from a vibrating “soul” to a enchanting swing

Gershwin, the composer who went on the line between jazz and classical, between light & entertaining music to the symphonic depths, is presented to us by a singer with a deep alto voice, ranging from a vibrating “soul” to a enchanting swing, is able to easily move in all the singing styles that Gershwin’s music requires. From “Summertime” from the opera Porgy and Bess to the swinging hit of “Fascinating rhythm “from the musical Lady Be Good.

Gershwin brought jazz to the opera and opera’s songs to the jazz clubs. His songs are memorable.

This evening, the artistic direction was entrusted to the Israeli pianist Hila Kulik, who makes her first steps in New York. Together with her partners they will bring a fresh and contemporary breeze to the immortal songs of George Gershwin.

BBH & AWARE Singapore


Alemay Fernandez Vocals (Singapore)

Jérôme Etcheberry Trumpet (New York)

Hila Kulik Piano (New York / Israel)

Yonatan Levi Bass (Berlin / Israel)

Danny Danor Drums (New York / Israel)

Show Times:

  • Saturday, June 11th, 2022, 21:30
    Beer Sheva, Zappa Club
  • Monday, June 13th, 2022, 21:30
    Jerusalem, Zappa Club
  • Tuesday, June 14th, 2022, 21:30
    Herzliya, Zappa Club
  • Wednesday,June 15th, 2022, 20:30
    Kfar Saba, Cultural Hall
  • Thursday, June 16th, 2022, 19:00
    Tel Aviv, Museum of Arts
  • Friday, June 17th, 2022, 21:00
    Tel Aviv, Museum of Arts
  • Saturday, June 18th 2022, 21:00
    Haifa, Abba Hushi Center

Hila Kulik- Piano (New York / Israel)
Alemay Fernandez- Vocals (Singapore)
Jérôme Etcheberry- Trumpet (Paris)
Yonatan Levy- Bass (Berlin / Israel)
Danny Danor- Drums (New York / Israel)

 Photo: Sanna Kontinen,Simon CFU, Natalie Deryn Johnson, Patrick Martineau, Ziggy Spits

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