Ellington’s Italian Passion – February 3rd-February 8th, 2020

The Moroni-Giuliani Duo (Rome)

A fresh review on the work of Duke Ellington, in a virtuosic, warm rendition!

Duke Ellington painted the world a brighter color with his music. His unique approach to composition and arrangement was influenced by rag-time, New Orleans, swing and of course – classical music. Ellington was always composing. He took special consideration of the role of the single player, as well as the orchestra as a whole. Among his thousands of works one can find jazz, jazz arrangements and jazz renditions of classical music.

This show offers a review of the works credited to Ellington, by two international virtuosos who performed at all major jazz festivals worldwide. Mood Indigo, Satin Doll, A Sentimental Mood, Caravan and others will take on bright colors in an elegant virtuosic manner, as only these two first class musicians can!

This is a unique production for the Hot Jazz series.


Rosario Giuliani Saxophone
Dado Moroni Piano

Show Times:

  • Monday, February 3rd, 2020, 20:30
    Kfar Saba, Beit Sapir
  • Tuesday, February 4th, 2020, 21:30
    Herzliya, Zappa Club
  • Thursday, February 6th, 2020, 21:00
    Tel Aviv, Museum of Arts
  • Friday, February 7th, 2020, 21:30
    Tel Aviv, Museum of Arts
  • Saturday, February 8th, 2020, 21:00
    Haifa, Abba Hushi Center