Jaffa Jazz Festival

יפוג'אז 2016

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We have a social Jazz Festival and his friend of all of us: your viewers and supporters of non-reserved and united together musicians from all over the world. Together we enjoyed the performance of the eight friend, guest artists from abroad, and 43 Israeli artists, all leading jazz musicians in their countries join together to honor the great jazz composers disposable gestures and memorable.

From gesture to chat Baker , Ifog’az Festival 2015

פסטיבל יפו ג'אז 2016

Jaffa Jazz Festival honors the man jazz radio broadcaster Danny Karpel, the unwavering contribution to Israeli jazz Danny Karpel 1954-2016

לוגויים יפו ג'אז.

עמיקם קימלמן- יוזם פסטיבל יפו ג'אז

Amikam Kimelman founder and artistic director Jaffa Jazz Festival

זיו בן- מנהל אמנותי ג'אז חם

Ziv Ben CEO Sea Organization , Managing and Production