A Tribute to the Great Female Jazz Singers: Nina , Sarah & Ella November 9th – 16th, 2024

Vanessa Rubin (New York) & The Eli Preminger International Quintet

Join us for a magical evening as we celebrate the timeless music of legendary jazz divas – Nina Simone, Sarah Vaughan and Ella Fitzgerald. A show that brings to life the soulful melodies and captivating performances that defined an entire era in jazz, broke barriers and touched souls. A celebration of history, humanity and harmony, weaving together the most beloved songs into a tapestry of musical brilliance.

The unforgettable American singer, Vanessa Rubin, whose deep and magnificent voice and timeless grace amaze the heart, will take us on a rich journey through jazz history with soulful performances, accompanied by Eli Preminger’s International Jazz Quintet, which will captivate your heart and honor the legacy of Nina, Ella and Sarah.


Vanessa Rubin (New York) Vocals

Eli Preminger Trumpet & Musical Director

Ilan Salem Flute

Yonatan Riklis Piano

Ram Erez Bass

Shay Zelman Drums

Show Times:

  • Saturday, November 9th 2024, 21:00 Kfar Saba, Cultural Hall
  • Sunday, November 10nd 2024, 20:30 Beer Sheva, Performing arts center
  • Monday, November 11nd 2024, 21:00 Gray Club, Modiin
  • Tuesday, November 12rd 2024, 21:00 Gray Club, Tel Aviv
  • Thursday, November 14th 2024, 20:00 Tel Aviv, Museum of Arts
  • Friday, November 15th 2024, 21:00 Tel Aviv, Museum of Arts
  • Saturday, November 16th 2024, 21:00 Haifa, Abba Hushi Center

Ilan Salem – Flute
Vanessa Rubin – Vocals (NY)
Eli Preminger – Trumpet & MD
Yonatan Riklis – Piano
Shay Zelman – Drums
Ram Erez – Bass

 Photos by: Christopher Drukker / Chen Wagshall / Peter Vit/ Noam Ofek/ Yoav Trifman/ Yoel Levy

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